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College Students Now Studying Essential Business Etiquette

To better prepare for tomorrow’s competitive business arena, college students have studied “Essential Business Etiquette” in leading universities. “Manners” were once considered important only in social settings, but they have evolved into professional protocol issues that can boost (or bust) careers.

Students, hoping to gain a competitive edge with “Professional Presence,” “Visual Charisma,” and “Listening Skills”, study how to polish their professional images by using etiquette anchors recognized and valued by those looking for standards of excellence.

Their textbook, Essential Business Etiquette: Bottom Line Behavior for Everyday Effectiveness, is written by Lou Kennedy, national speaker, author, consultant and recognized authority on business etiquette and professional protocol. Homework assignments are to read chapters on “Business Dining,” “Office Protocol,” “Electronic Communications,” “Business Travel,” and “Etiquette in the Global Arena.”

“Students enjoy the book and the course,” author Kennedy said. “They want to know how to conduct themselves in the business world once they are no longer students.”

Professors note that their students are motivated by the realization that major professional firms and companies like IBM, Kellogg’s, and Merrill Lynch hire Kennedy as a consultant or keynote speaker to advise and train their employees on these issues.

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